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Here´s who i am and how i grew into it :

I grew up in the Hip Hop Scene doing Graffiti and Breakdance . Competing in the international Breakdance scene got me constantly looking for new movements . From the mid 2000s on i startet exploring the world of Contemporary Theatre working with companies like Eastman – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui , Akram Khan Company , just to name a few . Years later , after creating and perfoming in various dance theatre productions , i bought my first camera in 2013 .
Coming from the dance world , from the very first photo i took , my visual interests were humans , cities and movement . So , being so lucky and having some of the best movers of the world with me all the time , i started taking pictures of them in context to their city surroundings . 
Starting there , i developed my own style of photography making myself and others fly in city scapes . Not only this but i also started looking into different types of photography . Fashion , Live Action , Urban Action / Levitation ..
But no matter what style i´m shooting , it always comes down to find the story in a movement . It´s not important to me to impress the audience with physicality but to express myself with creativity . .



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